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What are we doing here?

What exactly are we going to be doing here at Moving Beyond Differences? Hopefully, we’ll be starting up some interesting conversations and making connections. But for now, we thought it would be helpful to put this blog in context and explain a bit more about what you can expect to find here.

All our programs – conflict res, workplace, education, special programs – do a lot of training, presenting and public speaking. There’s usually a lot to talk about (once you create a safe space for people to discuss religion, you open the floodgates – no one wants to stop!). Almost inevitably, you’ll bring up questions and issues that we may not have time to explore as much as we’d like in the interest in making sure the group has the opportunity to cover all the material we have.

That’s where Moving Beyond Differences comes in. While we’ll always hang around to continue an unfinished conversation with you, the issues you bring up are probably issues that other people in your position – be you an HR specialist or 2nd grade teacher – are interested in too.

We’ll bring those questions and issues here and give you our take on them. Hopefully, you’ll get involved in the comments and provide your perspective, and we can have a conversation that will enrich us all.

Look out for an upcoming post on navigating the “December Dilemma.” In the meantime, use comments to let us know what you’d like to talk about.