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U.S. Jews Threatened

U.S. and Canadian Jewish Community Centers | JCCA

Dear Friends,

As a Jewish woman, I watch with alarm as reports of coordinated, multiple bomb threats to Jewish Community Centers keep popping up in the news. 10 on one day, 20 on another. These bomb threats scare me for many reasons. First, because the threats come in groups designed to instill a profound sense of vulnerability, and to frighten Jewish parents into thinking that their children aren’t safe in school or at play. Second, because they are relentless, along with hate crimes and vandalism of sacred places. And third, because they do not seem to be getting much attention amid the many other stories making the news.

On January 20th, I issued a statement sharing my fear, concern and condemnation of the anti-Semitism and all hatred. The answer to anti-Semitism is not simple. But standing up and loudly rejecting it is a critical first step. Today, the media is paying attention, allies from all communities are standing with their Jewish neighbors, and President Trump explicitly identified this disease and denounced it. This is a step in the right direction.

With commitment to our nation’s values,

Joyce S. Dubensky