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Thanks for taking a night off with us!

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It was a packed room and under the glowing lights, comic after comic brought us stomach-aching laughter and tears. From stereotypes to slurs and guns to bathroom activities, we laughed about everything, including ourselves.

The evening began with comedian DF Sweedler leading the way. DF stirred up the crowd and was followed by many pros – including a corporate lawyer turned comedian. In fact, the laughter really didn’t stop… and everyone said they truly needed it.

Tanenbaum Takes a Night Off! was a memorable reminder that laughter is a great unifier. It has no boundaries, regardless of age, race, nationality – and of course, religion.

Thanks for joining us and be sure to check out the gallery below for some of the evening’s memorable snapshots.

Special thanks to…
Host: DF Sweedler
Comedians: Holly Weiss, Ryan Brown, Ali Kolbert, Sasha Srbulj, Mike Rakosi and Regina DiCicco.

Founding Partner & Host: Mike Rakosi
Movers & Shakers: DTCC
Provocateurs: Rebecca & Dan Baker, Jeff & Barbara Becker, Dr. Georgette F. Bennett &
Dr. Leonard S. Polonsky CBE, Justin Foa, TJ Haynes-Huntley, John Miller, Sara Pandolfi & Co, Marni & Jeremy Selman, Joshua-Marc Tanenbaum
Partners: Comic Strip Live, dcc, Whole Foods Market