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Thanks for joining our REFUGE Event!

We’re so thankful for all who were able to attend our live screening and Q+A panel for REFUGE. We hope this event captured what intentional conversations for building respect can look like, and left you encouraged to host your own conversations to learn from, and about, identities outside of your own. 

If you missed this conversation, don’t worry! A recording of the panel discussion with Refuge protagonist, Chris Buckley, and moderator, Arno Michaelis, can be found on Tanenbaum’s YouTube page here.  

For those who feel inspired to contribute to Tanenbaum’s 3,000 Conversations for Building Respect following this conversation, we would love to hear from you! This series is an opportunity to share reflections from conversations that purposefully engage with issues centered around promoting justice and building respect within and across our communities. 

Let us know what you thought before this conversation, what your takeaways were following the Q+A session, and how you plan to build respect in your own life by submitting a testimonial here.