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Support Behaviors of Respect Today

We hold the deep need for peace closest to our hearts in this time of intense conflict.

As the war between Israel and Hamas unfolds, religiously motivated hate and discrimination are rising exponentially globally. Tanenbaum stands firm in doing the work to combat religious prejudice and grow sustainable peace.

Tanenbaum creates the conditions for sustainable peace by building the foundations for people to live safely and authentically in their full identities.

Students are learning conflict transformation skills, employees at global companies are learning to value their coworkers’ differences, patients are seen and respected for their religious and cultural diversity, and religious actors working for peace in the midst of conflict are learning from the Peacemakers in Action Network.

The Global Campaign for Peace Education of the Hague notes:

“A culture of peace will be achieved when citizens of the world understand global problems, have the skills to resolve conflicts and struggle for justice non-violently, live by international standards of human rights and equity, appreciate cultural diversity, and respect the Earth and each other. Such learning can only be achieved with systematic education for peace.”

Tanenbaum is creating cultures of peace. Please support Tanenbaum’s work for a future rooted in non-violence and respect. Consider a gift today.