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Staying Vigilant Against All Religious Prejudice

Working at Tanenbaum is a daily learning experience – and the learning curve is steep and seemingly infinite.  Our office recently realized that sometimes a piece of knowledge becomes so ingrained that it must be explored and relearned.  As a part of an in-house training, Tanenbaum colleagues discussed the history and current state of anti-Semitism.  Some people found that it is easier to be more conscious of anti-Muslim bias than of anti-Jewish bias yet it was difficult to pinpoint exactly why.  It might be because widespread anti-Muslim sentiment is a more recent development or because it gathers more attention in the media.

That’s why it was interesting to see a New York Times article about a Moroccan student who convened a conference remembering the Holocaust.  This student and his classmates, all Muslim, brought together Holocaust survivors and scholars out of their shared interest in Jewish culture and heritage.  This article reminds us that, no matter what your background or experience is, it is essential to remain vigilant against all forms of religious prejudice.
Mike Ward
Communications Associate