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Statement: The Uncertainties of War

“Dear Tanenbaum Community, 

Last weekend, we awoke to the news that Hamas, a terrorist organization chartered to destroy the state of Israel and Jews, had conducted an unprecedented terrorist attack against Israel. Nothing justifies the willful murder of innocent humans. But in the hours and days since, many of us have watched in horror as videos of terrified civilians and tortured hostages circulated, and as the numbers of the dead keep growing – now over 1,300 in Israel, over 2,600 in Gaza, with at least 150 hostages held in Gaza.

As days pass, the shared tragedy is reverberating far beyond Israel and the Palestinian territories as civilians across the region suffer fear, grief, and horrific loss. We’re seeing antisemitism and religiously motivated hate crimes rise globally, threatening the space for religious differences to exist. As the ramifications of this war continue to be seen, our commitment to fighting religious hatred for people of all faiths remains unwavering.”

Read Rev. Mark Fowler’s full statement here.