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Sending our thanks…

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to reflect on the people for whom we are grateful. For those of us at Tanenbaum, you are among the people we appreciate. Because you help us to counter hate and promote ways to treat one another respectfully.

That’s why, even though we know you’re getting lots of thank you emails from organizations you care about, we still wanted to pause to acknowledge that you’re making a difference by sharing the Tanenbaum journey with us.

We thank you for caring about the harm done by religious bigotry.
We thank you for reading our materials and sharing them.
We thank you for emailing us that you use our materials to teach students.
We thank you for your support because all your gifts to us—both large and small—make our work possible.

With appreciation and best wishes for a caring holiday season,
Joyce, Mark and all your Tanenbaum friends and colleagues


Photo: Aaron Berger