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CEO Rev. Mark Fowler Featured in OrangeU Going? Podcast

Tanenbaum features in the latest press release and podcast from OrangeU Going?, a civic engagement platform sharing opportunities for New Yorkers to learn about and take action around important causes by promoting in person activities and uplifting the work of different non-profits. OrangeU Going? interviewed Tanenbaum CEO Rev. Mark Fowler in their newly launched podcast, Progress through Purpose. The podcast features organization leaders discussing issues they are working on, how they are affecting systemic change, and how others can get involved. Read more here!

“…Religion impacts all of our daily lives – regardless of whether someone is personally religious or not,” said Rev. Fowler. “Our histories, institutions, and societies are founded in religion. It’s vital that both individuals and the institutions in power recognize and respect religious diversity in our city and globally in order to build equity.”

Hear Rev. Fowler discuss how religion shapes our interactions and understanding of one another, and explore Tanenbaum’s work in creating behaviors of respect for people of all faiths and none. Listen here!