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Religious Diversity in Health Care on the Road!

Tanenbaum’s Religious Diversity in Health Care program has been on the go recently! On October 19th, Mark Fowler, Tanenbaum’s Director of Programs presented two posters at the Seventh National Conference on Quality Health Care for Culturally Diverse Populations, also known as Diversity Rx: 2010 in Baltimore, Maryland.  

The first poster “To Pray or not to Pray – Religio-Cultural Competency and the Provider-Patient Relationship” discussed the issue of prayer and proselytizing in health care.  This poster gave some helpful tips on how to avoid proselytizing and address prayer requests from patients. A nurse who used the interactive feature of our poster, “Is it proselytizing if…” recognized that while she wouldn’t have thought so before, she was indeed proselytizing by offering prayer to patients – possibly making the patients uncomfortable.  She said “Now, this is something I can pay attention to.”  

The second poster “Call the Chaplain! – Working Effectively with Chaplains in the Health Care Setting” examined all of the ways that Chaplains can be better integrated into the patient care team.  
Mark shared that hundreds of open and interested health care and diversity practitioners attended the conference, all coming from unique perspectives. Attendees who worked with patients directly were especially interested in discussing the ways in which religion had intersected with their specialties over the years, and provided great insight. Kudos to Mark and all those who made Diversity Rx such a successful experience!
In addition, Joyce, our Executive Vice President and CEO, delivered a full-day training at Moravian Theological Seminary’s 2010 Pastoral Care Week Lecture Series in Bethlehem, PA last week. The intensive training session used The Medical Manual for Religio-Cultural Competence as a spring-board for addressing cultural beliefs and religious practices in health care, from intake to compliance, in order to more effectively and respectfully meet patients’ religious needs.
Tanenbaum always welcomes opportunities like these to reach diverse audiences and learn from the health care practitioners, administrators, Chaplains, and many others we encounter along the way.
– Annie Levers