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Religion at Work: A (Human) Resource Now Available!

Do you know how many religious denominations there are in the United States? How many people talk about religion with their co-workers? What to do when a Sikh wants to wear his kirpan to the office? (And do you know what a kirpan is?)

Religion at Work: A (Human) Resource for Managers is here to help you answer those questions and more. Many of you have benefitted from our original Religion in the Workplace publication, and now there’s an updated, interactive, searchable online version. Learn about your state’s law. Take quizzes to test your knowledge. Explore new information on "diversity backlash" and religious employee network groups.

You can learn more about Religion at Work and subscribe on our site – we know you’ll find it even more helpful than the original guide. And we welcome your feedback – as you use and explore the tool, let us know what you think at [email protected].