Curriculum Workshops

Students representing Trinidad & Tobago at Tanenbaum’s World Olympics for All in Brooklyn, NY

These workshops provide the training and resources educators need to maximize the effectiveness of our curricula.

Religions in My NeighborhoodFor K-4 educators
Young children express a natural curiosity about beliefs that differ from their own, and it’s crucial to establish respect for such differences early on. This Common Core-aligned workshop helps educators tackle the delicate topic of religion with skill and confidence, thereby reducing bullying in schools and preventing future hate crimes.

World OlympicsFor K-6 educators
Bring the excitement and community spirit of the Olympic Games into your classroom with our innovative curriculum that does it all! Capitalize on a popular theme to teach your students respect for diversity while developing academic skills, physical fitness, teamwork, and good sportspersonship. This curriculum includes Common Core-aligned activities.

World Olympics for All*For K-6 educators
For schools and after-school programs that want more in-depth training and long-term support, we offer web-based trainings for World Olympics that ensures maximum impact. From initial staff trainings to the culminating Olympic event that showcases students’ learning, participants receive technical assistance from Tanenbaum staff and a dedicated consultant.

*In-person workshops in the World Olympics for All curriculum are not currently available.

COEXISTFor high school educators
Teach students how to analyze conflict, identify personal approaches to conflict, and develop effective and collaborative solutions. This creative and interdisciplinary curriculum is based on an inspirational case study of two Nigerian religious leaders—one Muslim and one Christian—who were once at war but eventually led their people to reconciliation.

Skills-Based Trainings

These trainings are available for educators of all levels and content areas.

Seven Principles for Building Inclusive Learning Environments
Become grounded in Tanenbaum’s Seven Principles for Inclusive Education, which promote appreciation and respect for diversity both within the classroom and among the wider world. Educators will gain practical skills and strategies for preventing prejudice, promoting social justice, and helping students develop pride in their identities.

The December Dilemma
Holidays are a time for celebration and cultural learning, but they can also cause confusion for educators whose classrooms and communities contain a diversity of traditions. This workshop provides participants with essential strategies and resources to address religious beliefs and non-beliefs and to promote holiday inclusion throughout the year.

Race, Religion & the Racialization of Religion
By examining acts of discrimination, the rise in hate crimes, and the media’s role after 9/11, this workshop addresses how the “racialization of religion” relates to their school climate. Participants will understand the dangers of conflating race and religion and gain strategies for addressing race and religion in the classroom.

Cultivating Global Citizenship
Religious identity in the United States is becoming increasingly diverse, yet religious illiteracy is prevalent among students and communities. This six-day intensive course, endorsed by the NYC Department of Education and P Credit certified helps educators teach about religion from an academically responsible perspective and better prepare students for a multi-cultural and multi-religious society.

Professional Development

We provide interactive trainings for educators on a variety of stimulating topics. Training content and length can be customized to suit your needs.

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