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Nominations in! On to research…

Over the past two months people from around the globe have shared with us the stories of their colleagues, friends and neighbors who are changing the world. We have received 20 nominations for the next Peacemaker in Action and Women’s Peace Initiative award winners!

Their work is remarkable: in Cameroon, Palestine, Honduras, India and the Philippines, to name a few, these Muslims, Jews and Christians are risking life and liberty for peace. (Yes, sadly, we again this year received nominations only for individuals from the Abrahamic faiths. We will continue our concentrated outreach efforts to other traditions…and who might you know for the next nomination cycle?…)

Thank you to all of the nominators for their time and support. Without your effort, the conflict prevention, transformation and peacebuilding of these men and women would continue to go unrecognized, and their full potential untapped.

The Religion and Conflict Resolution team is now busy rigorously researching to fact-check and find more details about all of the nominees. Next, we will turn it over to our Religion and Conflict Resolution Program Advisory Council – renowned experts in the fields of religion, conflict resolution and diplomacy. They will have the privileged and difficult task of selecting our new Peacemakers.

Be sure to stay tuned. We will be making the big announcement in early spring. Until then, check out our Peacebuilding program for more information about the award and Tanenbaum’s Peacemakers.