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New Report from the Religion and Conflict Resolution Program!

The Religion and Conflict Resolution is pleased to announce that our latest report, Religious Peacemaking in Higher Education: A Survey of 12 Institutions, is now available on Tanenbaum’s website!

The report began as a small-scale survey of peacemaking and conflict resolution theory and training in seminaries and divinity schools in the United States. To that end, we conducted twenty-two interviews of 30 to 120 minutes each with deans and selected faculty members at twelve different institutions. From these interviews, we assessedthe current availability, interest and opportunity regarding peacemaking as a component of education for religious leadership. The product of our labors, Religious Peacemaking in Higher Education, serves as a great resource for seminaries, theological and divinity schools, and graduate departments of religion as they work to make peacemaking a component of education for religious leadership.
We have shared the findings of Religious Peacemaking in Higher Education at several conferences over the past year including at the Teaching Religion, Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding consultation at Boston University (read Joyce’s blog about her experiences there) and this October we will present them at the American Academy of Religion’s 2010 Annual Meeting. Hopefully we will see you there!
p.s. Special thanks to all the survey participants for their time and the Religion and Conflict Resolution team members who have been with us at some point or throughout this long, thrilling process: Heather DuBois, Nick Jaeger, Jenny Catherall, Charmaine Chua, Matthew Shineman and Kiersten Rooke.