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Dear Friends,

Tanenbaum Peacemaker in Action Rev. Jacky Manuputty of Indonesia is a peacebuilding pioneer. His story did not start that way. It includes harrowing transformation. Listen to his case study, out today on the Peacemakers in Action podcast available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or wherever you listen, to hear his peacebuilding journey in the episode Provoking for Peace: Rev. Jacky Manuputty, Indonesia.

As violence between Christians and Muslims exploded in Indonesia’s Maluku Islands in 1999, Rev. Jacky Manuputty did all he could to defend his community: blessing Christian fighters, discussing battle strategies, and even researching how to make a bomb. Then, after having his priorities challenged during a trip abroad, Jacky began to change and soon found himself at the forefront of the peacebuilding process that continues to help his country prosper.

In the follow-up episode More on Jacky and Indonesia, Tanenbaum’s friend and advisor Dr. Mohammed Abu-Nimer of KAICIID discusses the roots of the violence in Maluku and Indonesian theologian Lailatul Fitriyah offers insights into Jacky Manuputty’s peacebuilding efforts.

Special thank you to the Henry Luce Foundation and the Paddock Fund for their generous support.

In solidarity,

Rev. Mark Fowler
CEO, Tanenbaum

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