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Managing Vaccines in the Workplace

COVID-19 is a daunting and overwhelming reality that companies worldwide are navigating. As vaccines are more widely available, however, companies also have innovative opportunities to design the “new normal” they want to create . . . What is your new normal?

What works best or well for one company will, of course, differ from business to business and location to location. As companies assess next steps in consultation with their legal counsel, Tanenbaum recommends that, at the very least, it is prudent to proactively encourage employees to get vaccinated. As the information continues to evolve, there are actions you can take.

To support companies in this ongoing effort, Tanenbaum has created a digestible resource for how to approach vaccinations in the workplace. For additional information on vaccines and recognized religious exemptions, please see our more in-depth research, available here.

While remaining aligned with both federal and state legal requirements, Tanenbaum encourages companies to support their employees in getting the vaccine. This is good for your employees and the broader community, as it will get us closer to herd immunity. It is also good for your company, differentiating you and adding to your stature as a responsible corporate citizen.

Best of all, by doing this, we can get through this pandemic together.