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Ivo Markovic on the Power of Osnat & Najeeba’s Story

Last month, we published a short piece on the work of Osnat Aram-Daphna and Najeeba Sirhan, two school principals in the Galilee, in the Journal of Inter-Religious Dialogue. Among the great feedback celebrating this remarkable pair, my favorite was the following from Tanenbaum Peacemaker Friar Ivo Markovic. Friar Ivo always hits the nail on the head (nonviolently of course)(and yes, often in Latin).

"Latin proverb Verba movent, exempla trahunt – words move people, examples attract them, is to apply on Osnat and Najeeba work. In mute and deaf regions and moments words lose their meaning and deeds motivated from hearts of persons become factors of change. The work of Osnat and Najeeba reflects their hearts – deepest level of their persons. I find that moment is one of the grace of God. Thank you…for this lovely monument to Osnat’s life and Najeeba’s soul."

This is an evaluative, prophetic, analytical and theological statement. Practical and inspirational, that’s Friar Ivo – and Najeeba and Osnat.