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It’s Not an Easy Topic – But We Will Persevere

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Tanenbaum’s story begins 25 years ago in a NYC apartment, inspired by the legacy of humanitarian interfaith leader Rabbi Marc Tanenbaum. To celebrate our landmark anniversary, we’ve interviewed some of our closest friends and colleagues who’ve stood with us along the way. Their words inspire us. And their experiences fuel our commitment to fight for justice, equality and respect.

“If we don’t push for what’s right and allow people to understand that it’s okay if we are different, then I’m afraid that the world will continue to go into a direction that none of us want to see.”

Maz Zouhairi, President & CEO LALIQUE North America
2010 Corporate Bridge Builder Honoree

Today, we invite you to listen to Maz Zouhairi, President & CEO of LALIQUE North America.

Reflecting on the state of the world today, Maz Zouhairi shares The message of acceptance and tolerance is something that is more needed today than it ever was…It’s not an easy topic to address but we have to persevere.”

And we agree. Each week we are faced with complex challenges, and often devastating news. But we’re also reminded of the power we have to create a better future, in schools, workplaces, hospitals and international conflict zones. Join us over the next several months as we publish additional interviews – and hear the stories that compel us to persevere…no matter what.