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Interfaith Youth Core – Missed it? Check out the Twitter feed!

Use the #IFYC09 hashtag to read about all the action from the attendee’s perspectives, including great links to others writing about it.

Our own Assistant Director of the Religion and Conflict Resolution program, Heather DuBois, presented there, and IFYC posted a few questions that sprang from her presentation on their internal discussion site. I thought I’d share them with you here – what’s your take?

  • Heather DuBois of the Tanenbaum Center just pointed workshop paricpants to Do you know any inspirational, changemaking, women that should be nominated for the Tanenbaum Center’s Women’s Peace Initative Award?
  • This summer, The Tanenbaum Center has surveyed seminaries and theological schools across the United States to find out about how these educational institutions incorporate peacemaking into their education and curriculum. How do you define religious peacemaking? What role should religious peacemaking and conflict resolution play in seminary education?
  • One workshop participant questioned the use of the term “Peacemaking” stating that it implies that peace was not there to begin with. Is it important is it to have a unified vocabulary when engaging religious communities in these conversations (i.e. peacemaking versus peace building)?

First-person post from the horse’s mouth coming soon!