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Honor Educators Worldwide with Tanenbaum

Dear Friends,

International Day of Education gives us a chance to honor the educators around the world who are leading students through these difficult times. It reminds us that access to inclusive, high-quality education is essential to achieving equality and justice, and that the teachers who provide this access are performing a vital public service.

For Tanenbaum, International Day of Education is a time when we recommit to our mission of helping students learn behaviors of respect for the differences, including religious differences, between them. We’re proud to serve schools throughout the U.S. and across the globe in countries like South Africa, Russia, India, and Greece as they work to overcome prejudice and build bridges between the diverse members of their communities. Resources like our World Olympics and Religions in My Neighborhood curricula and our Islamic Peace Education report build social and emotional skills of empathy and respectful curiosity for different nations, cultures, and religions.

Our upcoming projects for 2021 aim to support educators as they continue to prepare the next generation to live in a diverse society. We will:

  • Publish second editions of our World Olympics and Religions in My Neighborhood curricula and make them available as free downloads.
  • Partner with three New York City high schools to design and deliver religious bias and conflict resolution trainings in the Spring. Thanks to the generosity of the Nissan Foundation, we are pleased to provide these workshops remotely and free of charge. (Availability for this project is still open! See attached flyer for details.)
  • Make our Six Behavioral Learning Outcomes available on Tanenbaum’s website as a free downloadable resource.

For more information, contact with us today at [email protected]. To support the work of the Education Program, click here to donate online.

We hope you will join us as we continue to build inclusive and respectful school communities in 2021!

Rev. Mark Fowler
CEO, Tanenbaum