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Global Ethics Day

Dear Tanenbaum Community,  

Today, Tanenbaum is participating in Carnegie Council’s Global Ethics Day. Carnegie’s Global Ethics Day provides an opportunity to explore the meaning of ethics in daily life and for communities around the world to come together to identify and address the most critical issues facing society.  

Merriam Webster defines ethics as “the principles of conduct governing an individual or group; a guiding philosophy; a consciousness of moral importance.” Recently, Tanenbaum has been exploring the Platinum Rule as a guiding philosophy. The Platinum Rule Shared Vision identifies sacred text across 12 different communities of faith and belief, uniting over one common sentiment: To treat others the way they wish to be treated. 

This pandemic has taught us the importance of adopting The Platinum Rule to achieve a world where difference is not only respected, but also appreciated. Rather than placing energy solely on what divides us, we are focusing today on what unites us. Houses of worship turning into vaccination sites; faith leaders coming together to condemn racism and acts of hate, mosques, and gurdwaras opening their doors to provide free meals for all – this is what unity looks like. This is the world that Tanenbaum’s work continues to protect and promote. 

Linked below are reflections on Global Ethics Day from each of Tanenbaum’s four programmatic areas; Peacebuilding, Workplace, Health Care, and Education. Take a minute and read about how ethics are entwined in everything we do. 

In partnership,  

Rev. Mark Fowler
CEO, Tanenbaum