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Give Bigotry No Sanction

The Religion and Diversity Education Program is in the midst of exciting planning meetings for an upcoming February 5, 2011 event for educators! We will be collaborating with Facing History and Ourselves and the New York Public Library for an educator's workshop on addressing religious diversity and tolerance, in history and today.

Facing History and Ourselves will use George Washington's 1790 letter to the Hebrew Congregation of Newport, Rhode Island to examine religious tolerance in the early years of the American republic. This event is part of a multi-year Facing History initiative, “Give Bigotry No Sanction,” which draws upon this exchange to begin a public dialogue on the nature of citizenship, religious liberty, and equality in a democracy.

Tanenbaum will use our pedagogy, The Seven Principles for Inclusive Education, to provide tools for educators to address religion and religious freedom in their classrooms. Educators will workshop current issues of religion and religious freedom they are facing in their classrooms; gain a better understanding of Religion and the Law; and apply the day’s content to their own curriculum.

The event will take place at the New York Public Library, and at the end of the workshop, participants will have an opportunity to explore the Library’s Three Faiths exhibition, which explores the Word – quite literally – in a gorgeous collection Jewish, Muslim and Christian texts.

Stay tuned for new developments!