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Faith and Pride

Dear Tanenbaum Community,  

All around us, states are passing legislation requiring public schools to teach LGBTQIA+ history; we are witnessing waves of support for inclusive curriculum education. Faith communities are coming together to speak up against anti-Transgender violence; using their voices to stand up for those being targeted within their communities.  

Common rhetoric around the intersectionality of faith & LGBTQIA+ identity, presents a binary of opposition, rooted in hate and ultimately fear. At its core, that binary disregards the experiences and existence of queer people of faith, as well as the communities that welcome them. In fact, there are current communities, historical communities, and community resources, at this intersection.  

 During this Pride Month I encourage us all to do the following: 

  • Focus on the ways in which our identities and our differences intersect and weave together into communities that support people of all identities.  
  • Reflect and share about all the progress being made and the very real ways in which communities are supporting a diverse range of identities, including queer ones.  
  • Ensure that the stories being told support our existence, rather than erase it.  

Let’s change the narrative together. I invite you all to join me, in seeking & sharing narratives that reclaim that intersectionality of community and identity. Together, let’s build a world that sees our differences as strengths and supports each other through our struggles.  

Throughout the month of June, we will be sharing testimonials from those within our community who identify as LGBTQIA+ and spiritual. If you would like to share your own experience or reflection as part of this series, please do so here 

In solidarity,  

Rev. Mark Fowler 

CEO, Tanenbaum