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Dr. Ephraim Isaac and The Three Pillars

“I have seen the dark side of hate, discrimination, and oppression, but I have also seen the bright side of good people who fight for justice.”  – Dr. Ephraim Isaac, Peacemaker in Action

Tanenbaum Peacemaker in Action Dr. Isaac, or Ephraim, as I know him, shares how his faith motivates his calling to pursue peace and justice. He recalls his childhood in Ethiopia and his newfound reality upon arriving in the United States during the Civil Rights movement.  

Ephraim powerfully reminds us that the world stands on “three pillars: truth, justice, and peace.” Each pillar brings us closer to building a world that promotes justice and practices respect for difference, including religious difference.

We are grateful for Ephraim, and for people like you who support our mission.  

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