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Celebrate Women’s History Month With Us

Indigenous culture is woven with meaningful customs and traditions inherent to Native identity. Indigenous peoples have a global population of around 476 million, making up over 5,000 different groups with distinct cultures, beliefs, and practices. One such practice is “Ihuk,” a coming-of-age ceremony for girls of the Karuk tribe in Northern California.

Our Women’s History Month screening of the documentary, Long Line of Ladies, on Wednesday, March 27, 6-8pm ET, will explore the intimate, months-long preparation of “Ihuk” and the transformative power of a ceremony once dormant due to violence against Indigenous women.

After the film, we’ll be joined by Co-Director Shaandiin Tome and cast member Alme Allen as we discuss the sacredness of womanhood, allyship, and reclaiming a tribe’s history.

RSVP here by Monday, March 25th, at 9AM ET and please share this event with your community.

Please note we have accommodations available for those observing Ramadan. See the registration link for more.

We look forward to seeing you there!