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Breaking News Update from Baghdad

“Even though there is violence all around, this is a place of the profoundest peace.”

This is how Andrew has described the church of St George of Mesopotamia, the Art Deco, brick built place of worship in Baghdad, situated on Haifa Street in the ‘Red Zone’.  However, this morning, that peace was shattered by a bomb blast, along with every window in the church.

This update is from Peter Marsden, U.K. Director of Peacemaker Canon Andrew White’s organization, The Foundation For Relief And Reconciliation In The Middle East. Peter writes:

Andrew is currently in the UK, but has been in touch by telephone with his staff at the church.

Andrew told me, “One of the bomb blasts blew out every window in the church and in the clinic.  No-one there was killed, but several people in the clinic were injured by flying glass.

“Our doctors have been out on the streets, treating the injured.  We give thanks to God the no-one in the church was killed, and that our doctors have been available to help.

“I have spoken with the bishop [Michael Lewis, Bishop of Cyprus and the Gulf] and he sends his love and prayers to all concerned.

“I pray that the grieved will be comforted and the injured will be healed and restored.”

According to the New York Times, at least 95 people were killed and 563 wounded in a series of truck bombings and other attacks today in central Baghdad.