Things that make you go Hmmmmm.

I taught high school English, leadership, and conflict resolution for 11 years in the New York City public school system. One of the things I remember from teaching other than going to work on the first day of school, was meeting one week before classes officially started and waiting to hear what the “We’ve figured […]

Friday News Roundup: An unexpected bounty

Although we think that understanding how religious beliefs and practices interface with health care is critical for good patient care, we know that a whole lot of people still don’t get it.   As I’m rounding up the news for the week, the health care-related section usually gets short shrift. Not this week!  From the wonderful […]

Open Letter to President Obama: Religion & the Workplace

Dear President Obama:   As you well know, for Americans who are fortunate enough to be employed, going to work these days is scary.  Whether one works at a small non-profit or is employed at a large financial firm, it seems that no one feels immune from the possibility of layoffs, or as some like […]

Friday News Roundup: All Around the Town

Can religious extremists to go rehab?  What kind of neighborhood would you like to live in – and are you really sure? Sports and religion: did you ever think they could butt heads (I didn’t!)?  And when did California become such a hotbed of religion-and-education issues? Learn all about it after the jump: Toronto Mosque […]

One Teacher at a Time

This week marks the first offering of Tanenbaum’s professional development course for NYC public schools teachers, Religion and Diversity Education: Cultivating Global Citizenship.  As I write,  venerable Manager of Programs Mark Fowler is with our trainees working with them through some pretty challenging concepts… …like “Christian privilege”* and understanding what it means to be a […]