Vision of the Peacemakers

Last week, as communities across the United States remembered and celebrated the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., I couldn’t help but think about the Peacemakers.  Dr. King was a man who drew upon his faith to reach millions with a vision of nonviolence and equality.  The Peacemakers, too, carry that vision.  They are Christians, Jews […]

The Power of Context

Read as an isolated struggle, the story of Peacemaker Sakena Yacoobi is impressive. Sakena founded the Afghan Institute of Learning (AIL) in 1995, the same year that the Taliban came to power. Her organization began “underground” and now serves 350,000 women and children annually. Read in the context of Afghanistan’s recent history and current reality, […]

Different Kinds of Difference

Recently our Executive Vice President, Joyce Dubensky, and I were interviewed by Rose Garrett, a writer for on the issue of religious diversity among young people.  One of the thoughts I had, and mentioned in the interview, is that there are different kinds of difference.  Having gone to a prep school here in New […]

Happy end of 2007!

Whatever you celebrate at this time of year, if anything, have a wonderful one – and best wishes for 2008. We’ll see you next year!

Pure Gold

I have the pleasure of designing and delivering the training programs for Tanenbaum.  Whether it’s employees at Harvard or site coordinators from a local YMCA, people really want to follow the rules.  Not the rules of a workplace or an institution, but the golden rules.  They want to be kind.  They want to be curious […]