Upcoming Holidays and Time for Reflection

We hope this message finds you all well as we transition fully into spring. As we look ahead to the year to come, we have the opportunity to reflect and explore thoughts and traditions. Upcoming in the next month one such opportunity is the National Day of Prayer. Though not mandated by the federal government, […]

Rising to the Occasion

Dear Friends, Tanenbaum is proud to announce the recipients of the 2021 Peacemakers in Action Award – Yeny Nolasco Quijada and Fatima al-Bahadly. These courageous individuals exemplify fortitude by risking their lives to build peace in tenuous parts of the world where many are too scared to take action. Yeny spends her days providing alternative […]

Join us at the Summit

Dear Friends, I’m delighted to share the exciting news that registration for Tanenbaum’s 5th annual Religious Diversity Leadership Summit is now live! Click here to register and for more details. This year’s theme is Do the Work: Build a Bigger Table. We know many of you are working remotely and screen time is draining. For […]

Reaching the Summit

Dear Friends,  Our Workplace program is improving the global workforce’s ability to create religiously inclusive workspaces. Recently, I was honored to be included as a speaker at Microsoft’s Include 2021 conference. I was joined by Dalia Mogahed, Director of Research at the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding, as we discussed the undeniable value of addressing […]

New Year, New Colors, Remembrance

Holidays arise throughout the year and spring is filled with them! Countless people around the world this year will be observing these upcoming holidays, which you may know by different names. In late March, we see the beginning of the week-long Jewish celebration of Passover, also called Pesach in Hebrew. The end of March also brings […]