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Black History Month: Lesson

Educators are on the front line, teaching young people to be curious about their differences and how to appreciate them.  For that reason, educators are the perfect partners for our work.

And so, we offer free resources for educators for use in their classrooms, including Celebrating African-American/Black Leaders in History, a fitting lesson for Black History Month (February). 

The lesson features leaders including Martin Luther King Jr., Sojourner Truth, Malcolm X, Bob Marley, and bell hooks. One of Tanenbaum's very own Peacemakers in Action, Dr. Ephraim Isaac is also featured in the lesson.

As a young boy during World War II, Ephraim hid in a bunker while listening to earth-shaking explosions and non-stop shooting. When the battle subsided, he emerged to learn that his best friend had been killed.

After that traumatic experience, Ephraim built a life dedicated to peace.  Over the past 40 years, he has worked to reconcile religious and ethnic groups in his native Ethiopia and its neighbor to the north, Eritrea. Ephraim was also Harvard's first associate professor in the newly created Afro-American Studies department in 1969.

He is true leader.

Tanenbaum offers a wide variety of lessons for various grade levels.  Please share them with teachers you know or use them as often as you’d like!