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Anti-Semitism Is Something You’re Talking About A Lot

Most students start learning about the Holocaust in elementary school. Yet, anti-Semitic hate crimes are rising. What’s clear is that we don’t truly understand this form of bigotry. And it’s painfully apparent that fear and hatred of Jews are far from being a problem of the past.

At Tanenbaum, we were curious what our own community is thinking about anti-Semitism and whether this is a topic of discussion at your dinner tables. Your answers sometimes surprised us. For one thing, respondents across many faith and nonbeliever communities agreed on core issues. And for another, a majority of you are talking about anti-Semitism though a minority of you report that you’re prepared to do so.

So what did you say?  As part of our Combating Extremism campaign, we share our analysis of what our readers are thinking. Take a look.

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