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Anti-Semitism Buried by Daily Politics

Dear Friends,

News of virulent anti-Semitism seemed to get lost last week as attention focused on the inauguration of President Trump and a global series of Women’s Marches that supported women’s rights while opposing America’s new president.

For me, news about anti-Semitism is also important—and personal. In just one month, bomb threats targeted more than 30 Jewish community centers, including one that my niece’s daughter attended.

To put it simply, these threats violate our national ideals. Jewish Community Centers are spaces that bring families and communities together. These hate-filled threats, even though no actual bombs were discovered, achieve their ends by causing havoc and diminishing each community’s sense of security.

All Americans have the right to live and share their unique religious heritages with their communities in peace. It’s our responsibility to support our neighbors—especially in these challenging times. It’s frightening that these particular bomb threats are fueled by anti-Semitism. But what is equally alarming is that those who are anti-Semitic will likely not stop there. They will extend their hatred and violence to those from different races, nationalities and other religious beliefs.

As a nation, we must come together and condemn every hateful act, whether or not we are personally impacted. And we must remember…all of our freedoms are at stake when any parent is afraid to take their child to a local community center.

In solidarity,
Joyce S. Dubensky, Tanenbaum CEO