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Amplifying Indigenous Voices: Past and Present

On this Indigenous Peoples’ Day, we’re thinking of the communities who were never given the chance to tell their stories. Today, we’re amplifying the voices of the estimated 476 million Indigenous peoples among us globally. We’d like to recognize the contributions, past and present, of Indigenous cultures in their diverse traditions and practices, safeguarding of our world’s biodiversity, and the ongoing custom of storytelling to pass down intergenerational knowledge and learn from one another.  

This year, we have asked our Tanenbaum community to sit with the question- what does it mean to build respect? What’s required of each of us, and how do we support each other in this endeavor? Let’s promote justice and build respect for Indigenous peoples by supporting continued efforts to reclaim their voices and power.  

Below is an offering of resources to explore the stories by and about Native communities, learn what Indigenous Peoples’ Day means to them, and celebrate the presence of Indigenous peoples globally.  



  • Earth and The Divine:  Tanenbaum CEO, Rev. Mark Fowler, Gopal Patel, Director of Bhumi Global, and Hadrien Coumans, Co-Founder and Director of the Lenape Center, discuss how we can better understand the relationship between Earth and the divine. 
  • Warrior Women:  A film and advocacy project showcasing the power of indigenous matriarchs.  
  • Vision Maker Media: Explore stories, public conversations, and films by and about Indigenous People. 



If you engage with the resources above, contribute to Tanenbaum’s 3,000 Conversations for Building Respect Series to let us know what you learned! We’re here to listen.