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A New Curriculum for a New Generation

As educators begin to prepare lesson plans for the fall, many turn to Tanenbaum for guidance and tools on how to teach about religion in schools.  In the wake of religiously-motivated violence we have seen over the summer, teachers and schools are expressing a need to bring messages of religious understanding to their campuses and classrooms.

But, how can educators of elementary age children teach these subjects?  In an open letter to teachers, facilitators, parents and other school-based staff, Tanenbaum is proud to release Religions in My Neighborhood: Teaching Curiosity and Respect about Religious Differences, a curricula guide for grades K-4 that will be ready for schools in late September.  Its primary purpose is to help and inspire educators and their students to explore religious and cultural differences, and to develop respect for the diversity they encounter in their communities. The standards-based guide explores identity, beliefs, caring for one’s community, rituals, traditions, sacred spaces and learning about religious differences.

As a long time provider of training, curricula and resources that help create inclusive and respectful school environments, Tanenbaum is working with schools, districts and youth centers in the delivery of a series of workshops that will help educators implement the new curriculum into their learning environment.  To learn more about how you can bring the curriculum or training to your school or center please contact at [email protected].

Marcie Denberg-Serra
Education Program Associate