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A neo-Nazi’s Transformation: Combating Extremism

Dear Friends,

For this year’s final installment of our Combating Extremism campaign, we introduce a reformed neo-Nazi named Arno. Once an avid hater, Arno now dedicates his life to spreading compassion.

If the venom of this past year made you skeptical that simple acts of kindness can transform lives, Arno’s story is worth a look. After all, if a right-wing extremist can find a way forward—we all can.

  • Arno: A Story of Transformation: In this short video, former white supremacist Arno Michaelis shares why he became a neo-Nazi, how he became exhausted by hatred, and how unexpected kindness changed the course of his life.
  • Why Scrutinizing Information Matters: Here, Arno reflects on the value of challenging ourselves to scrutinize information in order to dispel lies, hate, prejudice and division.
  • Questions for Consideration – A Resource for High School Students and Educators on the Videos

Arno’s transformation reminds us that change is possible. And that’s what Tanenbaum is all about. Throughout the coming year, I invite you to join us in challenging the status quo, moving beyond mere tolerance, and defusing radical hate with radical love.

Please watch and share these videos. And please, make a donation today—so we can continue to battle hate and extremism tomorrow.

With firm resolve,

Joyce Dubensky

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