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A Hopeful International Day of Peace

Today is World Peace Day. With all we have witnessed in the world this year, we sit with the weight of the words – International Day of Peace. What does peace look and feel like when we see egregious war and increased disenfranchisement? While peace can feel distant at times, an International Day of Peace still looks hopeful. 

This week in New York, the UN General Assembly is in session. The UNGA and its parallel conferences remind us that peace is a daily, necessary pursuit. It involves all of us across society, especially those who are the most deeply affected and involved at the grassroots level.  

We encourage you to re-engage with the stories of Tanenbaum’s grassroots peace actors who work tirelessly on conflicts that have fallen off the Western world’s radar – in Yemen, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, and Sri Lanka.    

Tanenbaum’s Peacemakers in Action Network teaches us that peace is not linear, but it is always worth pursuing. Ephraim in Ethiopia knows this. Dishani in Sri Lanka knows this. James in South Sudan knows this. Peace within their countries is about stopping the violence AND continuing integral delivery of humanitarian aid, education, and conflict transformation. 

Although building peace isn’t a linear process, the Peacemakers stories remind us that it is always worth pursuing.

Wishing you a hopeful International Day of Peace.

PS: As you listen, share with us how their stories impact you. Did you learn a new lesson from Rev. Jacky’s experience in mobilizing youth to extinguish disinformation? Did you listen to Dishani’s story and feel compelled to incorporate her wholistic approach to your own work? Share your reflections with us here. 

Read Tanenbaum’s Peacemakers in Action Network Statement Against Russian Invasion of Ukraine: A Call to Religious Actors & Leaders here.