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Wondering About Winter Holidays?

The winter holiday season often raises questions about how to best address inclusivity and accommodation in your organization. Whether your organization is considering which holidays to acknowledge and how, what holiday decorations are appropriate to include in newsletters or on website announcements, or how to host a celebration that’s inclusive for all, you’re likely to encounter the December Dilemma this season! Here at Tanenbaum, we believe this time of year is an opportunity to learn about and embrace our diversity.

Our December Dilemma fact sheet addresses questions about time off and scheduling, decorations, and holiday greetings. The included insights can be applied across workplaces, education, and health care settings, and more.

There are plenty of opportunities for education and celebration in the workplace and beyond, including HanukkahChristmas, and Kwanzaa. Individual holiday fact sheets can be found on Tanenbaum’s Workplace Resources page.

Rev. Mark Fowler
CEO, Tanenbaum

Photo by Scott Murdoch