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What is the December Dilemma?





The winter holiday season brings a lot of questions concerning religious diversity and inclusion. This time can raise fundamental questions about how to celebrate and acknowledge everyone’s winter holiday. Many, we at Tanenbaum included, refer to this as the December Dilemma. While this may seem challenging, we believe this time of year is an opportunity to learn and embrace diversity.

Our December Dilemma Fact Sheet addresses the crucial questions that typically crop up around the December holiday season, like time off, scheduling, decorations, and holiday greetings. The included insights can be applied across workplaces, education and healthcare settings, and more!

There are plenty of opportunities for education and celebration in the workplace and beyond, including Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and even Lunar New Year in early 2023. Individual holiday fact sheets can be found on Tanenbaum’s Workplace Resources page.




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