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What Connects Us: Earth Day

Dear Friends,

There are several reasons why I find Earth Day sacred.

First, it reminds me of the delicate balance that supports life on Earth. It encourages us to think about what matters outside ourselves; a concept that is also central to bridge building work.

Earth Day is also unifying. It highlights our interdependence, because we cannot protect our shared home without acting as a collective.

Finally, it reminds me of teachings and texts across religions, faiths, and spiritualities that pay tribute to the Earth beyond this day. I look to them for inspiration and encourage you to explore our Shared Visions on the Environment resource and watch our Earth and the Divine webinar to understand the common threads that beautifully tie faith communities.

Earth Day serves as a reminder that we are more connected than we think; a sentiment that I welcome us to treasure more often.

In unity,

Rev. Mark Fowler, CEO, Tanenbaum