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Teachers Who Shape Our Future: Teacher Appreciation Week

This Teacher Appreciation Week, we celebrate educators dedicated to fostering understanding and encouraging exploration in the classroom and beyond. Teachers, this one is for you!

Tanenbaum’s resources empower you and your students to celebrate religious diversity with three adaptable curricula: Transforming Conflict, Religions in My Neighborhood, and World Olympics, all designed to seamlessly integrate into any learning experience.

Our curricula are built to be flexible and adaptable for all grade levels and content areas. Use them as a starting point, a supplement, or a complete unit – the choice is yours!

Explore these free enriching resources and more on our website here. Call 212-967-7707 to schedule a conversation with a Tanenbaum education consultant or email the Education Program anytime at [email protected].

Your commitment to igniting intellectual curiosity that embraces diverse religions and beliefs truly shapes our future.  Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!