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Spring Celebrations and Commemorations

Friends –

As the seasons begin to change, we’ve already seen the Lunar New Year come and go. Did you know that some faiths follow a solar calendar?

Sikhism is one of them – on April 14th, millions of Sikhs will celebrate Vaisakhi, an important religious holiday as well as a cultural festival in northern India. Read our Vaisakhi fact sheet to learn more!

Amongst other upcoming holidays is Easter. Did you know that there are different dates for Easter (and Christmas) for some Christian denominations? Many Christians will observe Easter this year on April 4th, but Orthodox Christians will celebrate on May 2nd. You can learn about that and more with our Easter fact sheet.

Also, the holy month of Ramadan will begin soon on the evening of April 12th and end on May 11th, with the celebration of Eid al-Fitr following it. To learn more about the meaning and traditions behind this month and how your Muslim colleagues may be observing it, take a look at our Ramadan fact sheet.

You can learn about each of these holidays, their impact on the workplace, and more by visiting Tanenbaum’s Workplace Resources page for fact sheets and additional resources.

With my warmest regards,

Rev. Mark Fowler
CEO, Tanenbaum