Tanenbaum Takes a Night Off!

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Mike Rakosi


Join us in celebrating our mission of combating religious prejudice as Tanenbaum Takes a Night Off!

For more than a quarter century, Tanenbaum has worked to systematically dismantle religious injustice, hatred, and bigotry. Whether at work, in schools, in health care settings, or in conflict areas around the world, Tanenbaum works to build a more inclusive and peaceful world.

Tanenbaum’s work regularly examines how communication affects our ability to build religiously inclusive communities. Communication can be powerful but its pitfalls are undeniable. Whether it’s a lovers’ spat, a generation gap, or a misguided Facebook post—communication failures are everywhere. And sometimes, all you can do is laugh! That’s why this year Tanenbaum is taking the night off and making “Miscommunication Mishaps” the theme for our comedy show.

For the hottest (and most hilarious) takes on the subject, we invite you to join us for Tanenbaum Takes a Night Off! on October 3, 2019 at Comic Strip Live (located at 1562 2nd Avenue). Hosted by the slightly wicked but always entertaining Mike Rakosi, this is sure to be a night to remember.

Regina DeCicco
Greg Radin
Sasha Srbulj
DF Sweedler
Holly Weiss

Hosted by: Mike Rakosi

Special Thanks to Our Host Committee:
Christina Hioureas, Sara Pandolfi and Elsie Poux

General Admission tickets start at $150.00 (a young professionals’ rate is also available)
Sponsorship levels start at $1,250.00

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Tanenbaum is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your Sponsorship is tax deductible to the extent it exceeds $45.00 per ticket and, for Troublemakers $1,000 if they opt-in for a consultation.