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New Year, New Colors, Remembrance

Holidays arise throughout the year and spring is filled with them! Countless people around the world this year will be observing these upcoming holidays, which you may know by different names.

In late March, we see the beginning of the week-long Jewish celebration of Passover, also called Pesach in Hebrew. The end of March also brings the Hindu holiday Holi, often called the festival of colors, as well as the Sikh holiday Holla Mohalla which follows it. You can learn and share about these holidays with our fact sheets for Passover, and Holi.

With many holidays in such a short time, there’s a lot to learn. Schools and workplaces explore respectful ways to observe and accommodate, and hospitals and care facilities may need to be aware of patients or staff who may be fasting or have dietary restrictions. In addition to our fact sheets, the Tanenbaum staff is here to help. You can learn about each of these holidays, their impact on the workplace, and more by visiting Tanenbaum’s Workplace Resources page for fact sheets and additional resources.

With my warmest regards,

Rev. Mark Fowler
CEO, Tanenbaum