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Holidays Happening This Week

Dear Friends, 

The Hindu festival of Holi is this week! Holi is often called the festival of colors, because “playing Holi” means flinging colors. This year Holi will take place on March 20th – 21st. Take a look at our new Holi Fact Sheet for more information about the holiday and the potential workplace implications of Holi.

We also want to remind you all that this week is filled with holidays for a variety of different faiths! Here’s a reminder to take a look at the Naw Ruz Fact Sheet we sent out on February 21st as well. The Jewish holiday of Purim and the Sikh holiday of Hola Mohalla also fall this week. We look forward to sharing fact sheets on these holidays next year. Consider also consulting the ADL’s 2019 Calendar of Observances to see what other holidays are coming up.


Mark Fowler
Deputy CEO, Tanenbaum

Image: Steven Garner