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Faith and Pride: Building Better Narratives

One of our remarkable panelists during Tanenbaum’s 2024 Summit, Gurchaten Sandhu, shared, “It’s important to have people of faith who are queer actually be visible. We must ask, ‘do they have a voice?’”

Each year during Pride, we seek to amplify those voices through Tanenbaum’s Faith and Pride series. From now through the end of June, we are asking LGBTQIA+ people of faith to share how they live, embrace, and celebrate their faith and sexual identity. Check out last year’s reflections for Pride Month here.

Faith and Pride is part of Tanenbaum’s Building Respect initiative to develop respectful curiosity for religious differences by seeing each other more fully. These reflections will live on Tanenbaum’s website and YouTube page to be shared annually during Pride and beyond, contributing to our growing library of self-representational storytelling.

By sharing your stories, our Faith and Pride testimonials debunk harmful narratives that religion, spirituality, and queerness cannot coexist. Each reflection shows us that religion, spirituality, and faith do not look the same to everyone, and that is something to celebrate.

If you identify as LGBTQIA+ and religious and/or spiritual, we’d love to hear your story. Visit the link here to record your reflection before June 30th.

We’re deeply grateful to all who participate, and we look forward to hearing your stories.