Cultivating Global Citizenship is a one-day professional development workshop that empowers educators to adapt current curricular content to include religion as an aspect of diversity. The workshop also addresses the Common Core Standards.

This day-long training is a consolidated version of Tanenbaum’s six-day workshop and covers an effective introduction to multiple dimensions of diversity in the classroom.

Course Objectives:

  • Promote cultural literacy broadly and develop ability to address religious differences in classroom content.
  • Address the breadth and intersection of your student’s identities by including religious diversity alongside other social identities (such as race, ethnicity, gender, etc.).
  • Augment current classroom lessons to appropriately recognize and account for differences, including religious differences, among students.
  • Work with colleague-educators to share and enhance classroom materials that encourage critical thinking, self-reflection and active student engagement.
  • Receive easy-to-use and adaptable sample lessons, resources and assessment tools.