From hate to harm: the alt-Right’s anti-Semitism in Montana

Jude StarOn Monday, three deadly terror attacks in Germany, Yemen and Jordan captured the world’s attention. It’s not that these acts are unusual. The number of articles about violent terrorism are too numerous to count. It’s that they all occurred on one horrific day.

And so did an effort to target Jews in the heartland of America.

On Monday, news outlets reported that alt-Right media presence Andrew Anglin (of the anti-Semitic online site “Daily Stormer”) was spewing rhetoric dangerously close to—if not directly from—the Nazi playbook.

In an article alleging that Jews had an agenda to go after the mother of the alt-right’s most visible alt-Right leader, Richard Spencer, Anglin accused the Whitefish, Montana Jewish community of plotting to destroy her business. Needless to say, Anglin’s story is a distortion. But he called for retaliation and asked his readers to make their objections known to members of the Jewish community, some of whom he showed with his article—wearing yellow stars.

Anglin actually encouraged his readers and other white nationalists to “troll,” or harass the town’s Jews and anti-discrimination activists online. Though his directions explicitly warned against violence, the reality is that it doesn’t work that way. Especially since his call to action included identifying information of neighborhood Jews and their allies. Not surprisingly, death threats have followed.

You can’t genuinely discourage violence, and at the same time call Jews, as Anglin did in his blog post, “a vicious, evil race of hate-filled psychopaths.” The road from hate to harm is all too short.

At Tanenbaum, we condemn the hatred, the anti-Semitism and the resulting threats that are now making one town in Montana unsafe for Jews. We also regret that, in so doing, we are giving Anglin public attention that can wrongfully be used as legitimizing him. Yet, we are compelled to be on the record. We condemn everything Anglin, Spencer and their audience stand for, do and say.

And so we ask…

If Anglin’s incitement isn’t a hate crime, what is?

And if it is, why aren’t we all standing in opposition to what he is doing?

If not now…when?


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Report from Tanenbaum’s Syrian Peacemaker – Hind Kabawat

Before 3:00AM on Wednesday, August 21, the eastern Damascus suburb of Ghouta was the target of a vicious attack that left hundreds dead in their homes.

First responders and medical staff treating victims described symptoms that suggest chemical weapons were used during the attack. Though unconfirmed, initial reports by Syrian opposition forces in the area state that around 1,200 – nearly all civilians – were killed on Wednesday and this number is expected to rise in the coming hours.

If confirmed, Wednesday’s incident would be one of the largest chemical weapon attacks targeting a civilian area in recent memory. An indiscriminate weapon of mass destruction, chemical weapons target anyone within its range – including women and children.

Earlier today, Tanenbaum’s Syrian Peacemaker in Action Hind Kabawat sent forwarded the following statement about what she hears is happening:

To some people it’s a beautiful sunny day, but for children and residents of Eastern Ghouta it’s not, they went to sleep but never woke up. Overnight, forces committed one of the biggest massacre since the Syrian Revolution started. They shelled the region with chemical weapons at 2:12 A.M with four missiles leaving behind NOT LESS than 1188 dead so far, and without a doubt the number is going to increase in the upcoming hours.

Most of the casualties were children and women, all of whom passed away while they were sleeping. There are a lot of civilians who are still in their houses who never had the chance to leave the area; they are probably dead by now. In addition to that, odors are spreading in some neighborhoods of Damascus and Ghouta. Doctors believe that Sarin gas was used in the attack. We call for The International Investigation team to investigate the use of chemical weapons in Damascus and to go to the inflicted regions now!

The initial casualty report is 1188 dead:

Seqba: 100 dead

Kafr-Batna: 100 dead

Douma: 150 dead

Hamouriyi: 300 dead

Erbeen: 30 children, 16 women, 17 men, total of 63 dead

Zamalk: 400 dead

Al Marj: still not known

Ein Terma: 75 dead

If you agree that the violence in Syria must end, please read this Peacemakers in Action Network Statement and spread it throughout your personal and professional networks.  


More information about Wednesday’s attack can be found here: