We’ve Made Our Pledge – 150 CEOs Take Action!

Dear Friends,

Amid the drumbeat of political news, something powerful happened yesterday that I find exciting. Globally, we took a giant step toward justice and respect when the newly formed CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion announced that 150 corporate executives from major companies pledged to work toward more diverse, inclusive and just workplaces. The three initial goals are:

  1. To continue to make workplaces trusting places to have complex, and sometimes difficult, conversations about diversity and inclusion;
  2. To implement and expand unconscious bias education; and
  3. To share best—and unsuccessful—practices

I am honored to represent Tanenbaum as a signatory on the CEO Action pledge and one of the few organizations of our ilk on the list. As the only secular, non-sectarian not-for-profit with more than two decades of experience helping multi-national companies create inclusive environments for employees of all faiths and none, Tanenbaum is uniquely positioned to offer better practices on this topic—including ones we’ve implemented in our own office. Click here to read about our Holiday Swapping policy, and here for other better practices from the global companies represented.

Religious diversity is part of the larger Diversity & Inclusion conversation, and I trust that Tanenbaum’s involvement in the pledge will inspire more companies to proactively address religious diversity in the workplace. The CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion is poised to inspire lasting change in workplaces large and small. And how wonderful is that?

Let’s keep moving the needle toward equity, justice, and respect,

Joyce S. Dubensky
Tanenbaum CEO

The New York Times publishes Tanenbaum’s letter condemning anti-Semitism

On Friday, The New York Times published “Swastikas, Slurs and Torment in Town’s Schools,” a story about anti-Semitic incidents in an upstate New York school district. Jewish students there report verbal abuse and swastikas on “walls, desks, lockers, textbooks, computer screens, a playground slide – even on a student’s face.”

This is exactly the prejudice–the every day hate–that Tanenbaum is committed to stopping.

That’s why I submitted a letter to the editor that was published this morning in the print and online version of The New York Times.

I invite you to read the story – and my response. Let me know if you see any such prejudice in your life. Let me know if you’ve worked to stop it – or if Tanenbaum can be of help in any way. And please let your friends know about this problem and about how we are standing up against it!








Joyce S. Dubensky, CEO