Combating Extremism – A Dangerous Symbiosis

Dear Friends,

Last month, we shared information about a specific extremist ideology—white supremacy. But no extremist movement exists in a vacuum. With this month’s Combating Extremism materials, we take a look at extremism from another angle: how extremists on opposing sides invigorate each other.

Listen to reformed white supremacist Arno Michaelis in this month’s video resource: “Without that enemy, I don’t think we would have grown anywhere near as strong as we did or as fast as we did.”

After watching, let us know: Do you think Arno’s right? Or instead of the two sides fanning each other’s flames, are there ways for extremists to embrace respect and dignity for all?

I’d love to hear what you think…
Joyce S. Dubensky

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P.P.S. Also, check out Arno’s story and how he left his white supremacist life in this additional video interview.

A weekend of staggering bloodshed

Today is a scary day to read the news. Over the weekend, premeditated attacks on a shopping mall in Kenya and a church in Pakistan killed 68 and 78 people, respectively. Both attacks were carried out by radical Islamist groups that targeted non-Muslims.

In New York City, an American Sikh man was assaulted by a group of young men. While they beat him, they yelled “Get him!” as well as “Osama” and “terrorist.” His teeth were dislodged and he sustained multiple fractures throughout his body.

Tanenbaum strongly condemns each of these extremely hateful acts, acts that destroy our shared humanity. We imagine a world that respects difference and where every person is safe. As Dr. Prabhjot Singh, the victim in the New York City attack, said, “I want it so that my 1-year-old has nothing to fear…”

Today, we send our thoughts and prayers to all those who are dealing with devastating pain. We will continue to combat religious prejudice in an effort to eliminate these horrors.

(Photo credit: Mohammad Sajjad/Associated Press)