Scheduling, decorations, and inclusivity: The December Dilemma

Dear Friends, The winter holiday season often raises questions about how best to address inclusivity and accommodation in your organization. Whether your organization is considering which holidays to acknowledge and how, what holiday decorations are appropriate to put up, or how to host a celebration that’s inclusive for all, you’re likely to encounter the December […]

An Upcoming Festival of Lights

Dear Friends, Diwali, known as the Festival of Lights, is fast approaching! This year, Diwali will take place on November 14th. Hindus, Jains, Sikhs, and some Buddhists around the world celebrate this New Year festival. Diwali is also an official holiday in a number of countries in South Asia and around the world. To learn […]

Indigenous People’s Day

Dear Tanenbaum Community, Today is being recognized by people, cities, and states as Indigenous Peoples’ Day, a day to honor and celebrate Indigenous communities across the U.S. Decades of activist communities, most notably the American Indian Movement (AIM) and the Native American Youth Movement (NAYM), have pushed for an alternative to Columbus Day since the […]

How to stop bullies

Tanenbaum’s trainings and curricula help educators reduce bullying in their schools and communities. By talking to children about religious differences, teachers can create learning environments that build respect for people of all religious beliefs and none. Hear from Tanenbaum’s Philanthropic Bridge Builder, Marcy Syms about the importance of Tanenbaum’s work, and her wish to expand […]

Your help is needed to teach respect

As teaching respect for differences becomes especially critical, please consider a contribution to Tanenbaum’s education work. Hear from Tanenbaum’s 2020 Philanthropic Bridge Builder, Marcy Syms, about why she believes our work is so important. Tanenbaum’s curricula and resources teach students about the importance of respecting others’ religious beliefs and practices, and are formatted to be […]